Order a digital copy of your plans: Call or e-mail FCHOA to order a CD of recorded architectural plans for your lot.

Free for members, $75 for non-members (520) 327-4240

The Flecha Caida architectural consultant is:

W. John Gabb III (E-mail: johngabbarchitect@msn.com)
5341 N. Condesa, Tucson, Arizona 85718

Phone number/ fax/ message recorder: (520) 481 6871


How to proceed:
1st—Read your CR&R’s, Article 14. If you don’t have a set of your CR&R’s, download them from our website (www.flechacaida.org) or call our office (327-4240) to have a set sent to you.
2nd—Draw up your plans with exact measurements—including lists or
samples of materials and colors. Make sure your plans show the proposed improvements on a site plan of your lot, indicating the 40 foot setback. If you are asking for a variance (if there is encroachment into the setback), we ask that you get your neighbors to sign the plans indicating their approval.  If you have any questions regarding this step contact our office (327-4240).
3rd—Contact our architect, John Gabb (481 6871) and submit to him two
copies of your plans for review (There will be a nominal fee for his services).

All permanent construction and any remodeling within Flecha Caida subdivisions must be approved. This process begins with submitting plans to the FC architecture consultant. Our consultant will usually discuss the plans with you, and then with the Board at the next board meeting. Once approved, most projects require two inspections during construction and one upon completion.

In addition to meeting requirements of your CR&Rs, the Pima County zoning rules for CR-1 single residence zone as well as Pima County building codes (Title 15 of the Pima County Code) may also apply. When there is a conflict among the applicable rules, codes, and restrictions, the most stringent regulation applies.

Plan Submittal: All plans for construction of private roads and driveways and all building plans for any building, fence, corral, wall, or structure to be erected upon any lot, including its proposed location, and any remodeling, reconstruction, alteration or addition to any building, road, driveway or other structure on any lot requires the approval in writing of the Board or the FC architectural consultant.  Before beginning any work; submit two sets of complete building plans, including a site plan, to the FC architectural consultant for review and approval in writing.

Field Inspection: Field inspections are required following the approval of plans submitted to the Board through the FC consulting architect.

The basic building categories are: 

  • New Home Construction

  • Enclosed Additions

  • Open Additions such as carports, ramadas, fences, corrals and patio walls. 

These improvements require three inspections for compliance with approved plans:

  1. Layout or staking inspections prior to clearing or starting construction.
  2. Inspection after foundation footings are placed.
  3. Inspection upon completion. 

Approvals for driveway locations require an inspection of layout and an inspection upon completion.

Please contact Approving Architect a minimum of 24 hours in advance for his prompt inspections.