CR&R's are similar for each of the ten subdivisions in Flecha Caida Ranch Estates, there are some differences, so it is important to refer to the proper document. 

Use the streets list and plat map to determine the subdivision.

Click the number, of Flecha Caida's subdivision to view the CR&R's.

Flecha Caida
Conditions, Reservations, and Restrictions
Lot 1-55a
Lot 54-126
Lot 127-180
Lot 181-215
Lot 216-283
Lot 284-365
Lot 366-407
Lot 408-486
Lot 487-510
Lot 511-557


ROOF COATINGS: (Click here for a print out to submit for your roof's coatings.) (pdf - Adobe Reader) (doc - Word doc.)

Our CRR’s state - “no white or light colored roofs shall be permitted.

There were some temporary allowances issued in the past, but they have long since expired and by now all roofs should be painted with approved toned coatings.

Technological improvements for roof coatings have made white obsolete.