While respect for the past and its values remains intact, Flecha Caida Homeowners Association prepared for the birth of a new century by joining the world of cyberspace with enthusiasm. Adding to the convenience of voice mail on the computer, this invaluable resource was further upgraded by going online. This has resulted in rapid research of the Assessor’s property records and other sources of information, as well as the ability to improve communication via E-mail. With all board members online, the distribution of minutes of meetings and other items has resulted in an amazing savings in postage and time. This website is another innovation that has resulted in being even more accessible.

A major undertaking, although a slow one, was the formation of a Road Safety committee, which pursued the reduction of speed on some of Flecha’s major streets. Working with the county via a special program, Calle Barril was the first target, since it was judged the most dangerous street.

Meanwhile, the FCHOA Board continues to monitor the subdivision, publish THE ARROW to keep residents up to date and to approve new homes on the few remaining lots as well as numerous remodeling projects. A number of other goals have been set for the new century, but the old ones of keeping the traditions of Flecha Caida Ranch Estates have not diminished. As someone once said, “The more things change, the more they remain the same.”