Mailbox Color: All mailboxes in the Flecha Caida subdivisions are required to be painted one color - "Caida Brown" - and have the "Fallen Arrow" as part of the unit. The Sherwin-Williams store at Swan and Sunrise has this paint color on file under FCHOA. For paint specifications please download SWRed.pdf.

Painting: Current association members are entitled to their mailbox being painted at no cost every 3 years (however, you need to put in the request); for non-members the cost is $30.

Labeling: The cost for labeling is as follows: $8 per street address (i.e., $16 for both sides of your mailbox) and $1/character for name. We are now using 3M reflective material that is hand-cut per order. These amounts are the same for members and non members.

Repairs of boxes run as follows:
  Straightening of stand or arrow from $15 to $25.
  Installation of a new box $25.
  Re-welding of arrow is $50.
  New stand is $95.
  Driveway arrow is $65.

Install of stand $25.

To schedule work, please call  or E-Mail FCHOA.  Please put "mailbox" in the subject line.

If you decide to get a new box, especially a locking box, please check with us to make sure that you are getting one of the approved boxes.

Approved mailboxes: Aside from the generic type of mailbox, vandalism and theft has necessitated the approval by the board of a few more boxes. Vandalism has decreased as of late, but thefts are up, so you are encouraged to get a locking box if you need to replace yours. The most recent approved box - and the one that has proven to be both vandal proof as well as theft proof (due to baffle input) is available at Lowe's; The Mail Manager for $109.25.

There are several other locking boxes including the Gibraltar MailSafe, which was the first approved locking box, but like some of the standard shaped boxes, a small individual is able to put their hand completely inside the delivery slot. Also because of its plastic exterior, it has shown to become brittle in our extreme heat. It sells for between $70 to $80.

A new box that fits size requirements is also available at Lowe's. It does not have a proven record, but seems to be a viable option and also employs a baffle door for incoming mail.