Submission for color approval from Flecha Caida HOA is required for all changes in paint colors.

1. Typically muted desert colors are suggested and preferred.
2. Submit one color for each structural element listed below. Unusual colors will be considered, but they may be rejected if not deemed appropriate for our area.
3. Attach swatches. If you are using Benjamin Moore or Dunn Edwards’ colors, the name and number will be sufficient without swatches.
4. White is not permitted by Pima County* or FCHOA.

To obtain approval from FCHOA, please download the form, fill it out, and mail it in for approval.

* Pima County Zoning Code 18.61.056 Color Requirements: All exposed exterior walls and roofs of buildings (unless a roof is screened by a parapet wall extending at least three feet above the building), retaining walls, and accessory structures that are visible from outside the land parcel boundary shall be earthtone in color and shall blend in with the natural setting. Colors shall not exceed a light-reflective value of 60 percent.